Cocomilia Plum Raki

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The Macedonian minority is one of the largest minorities in Albania. They can be located in the area of Prespa, its nine villages but also in the region of Gora and Gollobordo. The last listed region, Gollobordo, is situated in eastern Albania and includes also two villages within the Republic of Macedonia. Local communities of this region prepare distilled beverage from wild cocomilia plum (Prunus cocomilia). Harvesting these wild fruits is a living custom in Gollobordo. This is a small tree, which grows to 5 m. Its leaves are obovate-shaped. The fruits are ovoid or globose and red in colour. The fruits are harvested, then crushed and pressed. A little bit of sugar can be added and thus the prepared mixture is allowed to ferment. The distilled drink has a strong distinctive flavour. It can be compared to Slivovitz. Nowadays, the wild plum is not widely grown and it is difficult to find. Local people produce less and less this unique fruit spirit. In addition, the local know-how on mixing, fermenting and home-distilling in Gollobordo disappears. Cocomilia plum raki is supposed to be drunk on special occasions after the meal as digestif.

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Production area:Klenjë

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