Cilavegna Asparagus

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Asparagus is a vegetable with Asiatic origins that grows in soft, deep and sandy soil. Thanks to alluvial deposits from the Ticino river, the soil around Cilavegna is ideal for cultivating this peculiar variety of asparagus, characterised by its purple tip, tender, swollen body, and refined flavor. The environment plays a primary role in its cultivation and the annual harvest lasts from the beginning of April to the end of May. The superior quality of this asparagus is also ensured by the ancient, traditional cultivation methods employed: fields are weeded with small hoes and no herbicide is used; each stalk of asparagus is picked with a tool called calzasparago – indispensable, as it does not cut the stalk from the base but detaches it from the root underground. Once harvested, the asparagus is sorted by thickness (the length generally stays between 20-22 centimeters) and then tied into bunches. At its inception in 1987, the Cilavegna Asparagus Producers Consortium (CONPAC) was made up of 11 producers. Cilavegna has celebrated its delicious vegetable with an asparagus festival every second Sunday of May for nearly 40 years.Now it is cultivated on 3 hectares in Cilavegna Commune (Province of Pavia).

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