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Chisavu is a tuber that grows in northern Malawi that tastes and looks like typical Irish potatoes, with a white interior and dark brown skin, but is very small in size. It can be eaten boiled or served as chips. Normally, the plant grows wild, but it can be propagated like other tubers. If planted with the early rains, chisavu can be harvested between June and August. Chisavu does best in moderate temperatures.    This product is liked with the Phoka people of northern Malawi, who used to wander aound the Nyika Plateau. It is said to have been discovered by wandering tribes of hunters who found the plant once their sources of wild game had been exhausted. Chisavu is collected for personal consumption, and is not sold commercially. Today, climate change has affected the productivity of this plant due to decreased rainfall levels and higher temperatures. 

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Indigenous community:Phoka