Cerezo chili pepper

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Cerezo chili pepper

Ají cerezo

Ají cerezo is a native plant of South America and it is found mainly along the northern coast of Peru.
The production area includes the provinces of Lambayeque and Chiclayo in the departamentos of Lambayeque, where it is grown in the area between the coast and the beginning of the Andes.
The plant prefers hot climates with little rain, concentrated in just one season. It can adapt to different types of soil, although it reaches its best yield when it grows on sandy soils with a high quantity of organic matter.
it is sown starting from December, while the harvest begins in April and May, when the green fruits begin to take on red hues.
One of the peculiarities of this ají, in addition to the round shape, is the way it grows on the plant: it grows upwards and looks upside down.
It is also very aromatic and very hot, which make it a fundamental ingredient in the local cuisine. Together with ajì cerezo it is used fresh to make sauces or to season the typical dishes of the Lambayeque gastronomic tradition, such as tortilla de raya, arroz con pato, chinguirito and epían de pavo.
It can be found almost exclusively at the local markets in the region, and it is little known elsewhere.

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