Canetera Olive

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Oliva Canetera

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is made from a historical variety of Canetera olives grown in the Castilian districts of Baix Maestrat Castellón and Plana Alta, though they are thought to have originally come from the town of Canet lo Roig. The trees are scattered over several plots of land: there are no farms where all olive trees belong to this variety. They are very productive despite their lack of resistance; the fruits are small and are suited for both oil production and as table olives. Historically, these olives were used to make ‘trencades’ olives. According to this recipe, olives are pitted and washed. The water is changed several times and the olives are finally seasoned with salt and pennyroyal mint leaves. The oil obtained is of a high quality and has a unique character due to its greenish colour and a taste and aroma reminiscent of artichokes. It has 82% oleic acid content, which makes it one of the most stable oils in the world. 20 producers produce around 2,000 litres per year.

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