Brændekilde Apple

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Braendekilde is a Danish apple variety originating in the homonymous town, located on the Island of Fyn, Denmark’s third largest, in the center of the country.

It is certain that it derives from the Gråsten (or Gravenstein) variety, native to the homonymous city of Gråsten in the south of Denmark.
In Denmark, this variety has been known since at least 1913, in which it was described by the pomologist C. Mathiesen. Well diffused and known in the past, it is nowadays a seldom grown and little “appreciated” variety.
It flowers precociously, and can be picked between September and October.

The pulp is very juicy, medium sweet and low in acidity.

It is an apple with medium dimensions, a round-conical tapered shape and very similar to the yellow Gravenstein apples it originates from.
The peel has a greenish-yellow color and can have some red hues on the sun exposed side when ripe. The skin is medium thick and opaque.
The pulp is white with yellow hues, juicy, crunchy and sweet, but also a bit spicy.

It is a good table apple, to be eaten fresh or used in many types of sweets.

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