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Bilimbi (Averrhoa bilimbi) is an evergreen shrub-like tree that commonly grows up to two to three metres but sometimes over fifteen metres high. The plant is used both for its medicinal properties and its fruits and its gastronomic uses.
This plant is moslty found in home gardens and its growth requires watering and good soil.
Bilimbi is majorly cultivated in the area of Morogoro for it fruits which are very crunchy. Once ripe, they turn from bright-green to yellowish-green. The outer skin is shiny, very thin and gentle with a juicy but extremely sour greenish-white flesh. The seeds are brown and flattened in shape.
The fruit is popular for its sour flavour and is also used as a spice in cooking some of the delicious seasonal dishes. This fruit is also used to prepare dishes like Bilimbi squash, Bilimbi curry and Bilimbi wine.
Both the fruits and the leaves are considered beneficial for many health issues such as: coughs and thrush, fever and inflammation, rheumatism, internal gastro and intestinal bleeding, acne, and many others.
At the moment it is difficult to find gardens of this plant due to the lack of market demand for this product.

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Nominated by:Mnayah Seth Mwambapa