Alfafarenca Olive

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The Alfafarenca variety offers some very aromatic oils, with green, fruity, slightly bitter notes. Thanks to the high oleic acid and polyphenols content, these oils are very stable and have significant antioxidant properties. The Alfafarenca olive is large, has an elliptical shape and a slightly pointy end. It ripens late, it is picked from January and it is dark black with red nuances. The olive tree is strong, has an open structure and thick foliage. This variety originated in the comarca of Alcoy (probably in Alfafara) and later expanded to Comtat and the high valley of Vinalopó.  In these areas, olive oil is an intrinsic part of the culture, gastronomy and lifestyle of locals. Agricultural cooperatives, where oil is mainly produced, are not able to be economically sustainable and this is leading to the progressive neglect of the cultivation. The Microviña project started as the work of a local group. It focuses mainly on vineyards and wine, but it also works on the cultivation of olive trees with the cooperation of local producers and aims at promoting sustainable farming, with a commitment  to the safeguard of the ecosystem.

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