Wild Rose Hip Wine

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Verë Trëndafili i Egër

In the region of Përmet, in Albania, a wine is made from the fruits, or rose hips, of the dog rose (Rosa canina), known in Albanian as trëndafili i egër (“wild rose”). After the rose hips are collected, they are dried. About one kilogram of dried rose hips is then mixed with ten liters of water and four kilograms of sugar. This mixture is left to ferment for about 30 days, and reaches an alcohol content of 5-6% by volume. Once the fermentation is complete, the remnants of the rose hips are filtered out, and the wine is ready for consumption. This product is considered to have curative properties helpful in treating anemia, and is rich in vitamin C. Annual production of wild rose hip wine is quite low. Although very small quantities of the wine are sometimes available at local markets, it is mostly produced just for personal or family consumption. The tradition of making this rose hip wine is being lost because it is a product made from wild harvested fruits, and the process is time consuming. Urban migration means that there are fewer people in the rural communities who continue this Albanian culinary tradition.

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