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Tuli cattle are a medium-framed breed belonging the Bos taurus species. Tuli cattle are white or red in color, with a smooth coat. For the most part, they are naturally polled (hornless). Cows have the typical sloping rump of an easy calving breed and a well-pigmented and functional udder. Tuli cattle are descendants of the Sanga cattle brought into Southern Africa by migrating tribes around 2000 years ago.   The Tuli breed originates from the ecotype that adapted by natural selection in the semi-arid areas of southwestern Zimbabwe. As the animals were mainly kept by local tribes for milk production, the Tuli developed with a very functional udder and good fertility. Later, in the 1940s, in Zimbabwe, breeders began concentrating on trains for meat production. In the late 1970s, the Tuli cattle became recognized as a distinctive breed in South Africa. Today, a Tuli Cattle Breeders Society counts around 40 members with over 5000 registered animals. However, like other local breeds, the Tuli cattle are at risk of extinction due to replacement or hybridization with introduced European cattle breeds. 

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