Sohshan Wild Strawberry

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Sohshan   Sohshan, sometimes called wild strawberry, is mostly found in the steep, rocky lands and wild forests in northeastern India. The fruit is dark reddish-black in color, similar to blackberries. The taste of the fruit is very sweet and reminiscent of red wine. The plants on which the fruits grow are runners like other strawberry plants, but the leaves are as big as pumpkin leaves and reddish in color. One plant can produce 5-10 furits. People do not cultivate this sohshan, and do not try to do so. They instead believe it should be left to grow wild in the forests. Sohshan fruits are eaten fresh once ripened.   In earlier times, these fruits were used as refreshment by farmers while resting from work in the field or during a journey. Farmers would collect the sohshan before they departed on a long day’s journey though the forest or when they would go hunting. These wild strawberries would help them to quench their thirst during the day. The fruit is not sold in local markets, but collected from the wild for personal use. In the past, sohshan was found in abundance growing around the local villages, but with the reorganization of the local community through road construction and canal building, this habitat is being destroyed. Within the village, the runners of the sohshan plants are considered weeds, and the nearby forests are being cleared for other projects or for cultivation, and so this wild fruit is slowly disappearing. 

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