Soh Shyllei

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Soh shyllai is the fruit of a large, evergreen, dioecious tree (Antidesma bunius) native to southeast Asia that grows up to three meters tall. It has large, oval-shaped, leathery evergreen leaves up to about 20 cm long and 7 cm wide. In one branch the tree can produce many fruits, which are small, round and red or purple in color. Each bunch of fruits ripens unevenly, so the fruits in a single bunch will be different colors. The white pulp of the fruit also contains a colorless juice along with a light colored seed. The fruit has a sour taste similar to cranberries when immature, but a sweet and tart taste when ripe.   Soh shyllei is usually consumed as a fresh fruit, but it is also excellent for use in making jams. More often, though, the tree is used for production of charcoal. The fruit is not highly valued, and so is not sold at local markets, and instead only collected for personal consumption. The tree species, however, is not being maintained, and the few trees left are being used for charcoal production in the area. Therefore, the fruits may be lost as they are undervalued by the current population, especially among younger generations.

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