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SIre (Bagrus domac) is a type of a fish which is being found in Lake Victoria, very few fishermen operated on the lake from tiny canoes in the early 1930s. The fishery was exclusively for subsistence and fishing was carried out using locally constructed gears which included hand-baskets, non-return trap and very few gill nets (Dunn 1989). Sire has got prominent posterior process of the posttemporal; presence of a retractor posttemporalis muscle; large heavily ossified posttemporal; well-developed posttemporal fossa with a postero-lateral exit; thickened dorso-medial limb of the posttemporal; large, crescentic vomerine head.
By 1980s the fishing techniques increased into intensive gill net and hook and line exploitation but under controlled fishing regulations. The gillnet mesh sizes were restricted fishing to 127mm stretched mesh and 10 gillnet nets per small canoe, hooks to no.7 and 100 hooks per canoe. However, no detailed statistics of the effort are known, but few fishermen operated on the lake and their target was toward old and large fish of the population, especially the Nile tilapia.
Presently, the fishery is exploited from yet small, planked and non-motorized canoes using modern synthetic gill nets ranging from 101.6 mm to 127,0mm stretched mesh, papyrus stalks act as floats, and stones as sinkers. The fishermen’s target is on the Nile tilapia, catfishes and lungfish. Poachers however, use mesh sizes lower than 101.6mm. Hooks in use range from no.7 to no.9 and harves/t large sized lungfish and catfishes. Occasionally, basket traps are use.
Fishing activity is both day and night and fleets of nets are effectively set top to make 52 meshes. Many fishermen fish actively by setting 3 nets mostly the 101.6mm and 114.3mm stretched mesh in an arc and beating the water to drive the fish into stationary nets. This is the most popular method as the catches are higher from the few nets, these act has led to the reduction of the indegenious species of fish sire (Bagrus domac) included,

At the present situation in the Lake Victoria it is rare to find sire, this has not only been done by the poor fishing techniques but also due to the inversion of the new species e.g Nile perch which is now killing all the other indegenious fishes in Lake Victoria, soon the indegenious fish species are going to be exctinct and this will be much dangerous to the people depending on fishingas their source of income as well as killing biodiversity of the water body.
Fish is a source of income for many people who are depending on fishing.
Sire has mainly been used as a source of protein, omega-3 and omega-6 PUFA (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid). As well as for the economical use to increase the GDP of the fishermen, but now most of them are being forced to seek for an alternative of which is much difficult for them, and this increase poverty especially in the villages of the area.

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Production area:Kisumu County

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Indigenous community:Luo community
Nominated by:Duncan Okech