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The Roslag sheep, also known as the Roslagsfår, is a breed of domestic sheep native Sweden. It is thought to have originated in Raggarön in Roslagen, from remnant flocks of the Swedish landrace sheep breeds that were once widely found all over the country. Today, the Roslag sheep is classified as an endangered breed: according to the Nordisk GenBank Husdyr there are around 500 animals left.

The Roslag is rather small but hardy sheep. The average weight for ewes is 35-40kg while rams may reach 50kg. Its wool is white or ivory coloured; though there are also bicolored and purely black sheep. It has a curly or straight top coat of hair and a thick wool undercoat. The sheep is short-tailed, and only the rams are horned. The Roslag sheep are mostly used for the production of meat and wool.

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