Rhododendron honey

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Unifloral rhododendron harvests are characterised by a very light colour, an almost absent smell and a very light fresh and fruity aroma. The lack of scent and aroma of this honey should not lead to a depreciation of the product: it is in fact one of the most valuable honeys for origin and mildness, very much appreciated by consumers thanks to its organoleptic features.It is almost entirely produced at high altitudes, along the whole range of the Alps, in pristine mountain areas. Rhododendron honey is rarely found pure: it is usually found together with very aromatic flowerings such as raspberry or thyme, becoming preminent in the characterisation of the aroma. It has a beautiful fine crystal structure, a creamy and spreadable texture, a sweet and delicate taste, never sickening.It is especially produced in the Piedmontese Alps.

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