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Nonnetit Bastard æble

As with most of the ancient varieties of Danish apples, the first mention of the Nonnetit Bastard can be found between the pages of the treatise "Danish Fruits ", written by the Danish pomologist Matthiesenne.

Originally from the city of Kolding (in southern Denmark), it was introduced in the early nineteenth century following a cross between two varieties that were being lost- the original Nonnetit and the Pigeon.
The fruit measures 7 centimetres long and 6 cm in diameter, and is considered a medium sized apple. The shape is long, asymmetrical and slightly conical. The colour of the apple is yellow/green with veins of red. The skin is smooth, thin and tends to bruise easily, thus complicating its preservation. The pulp is white and powdery with a balanced taste that is very appreciated. It is an autumn apple that is harvested in September and is enjoyed throughout the year.

From a gastronomic point of view, the Nonnetit Bastard variety is very versatile- it is eaten either raw or cooked, or it is used in the preparation of jams, sauces or bakery products. The commercial value is very low, in fact this variety is considered unprofitable and other more resistant varieties are often preferred.

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