Nieheim Cheese

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Nieheim Cheese

Nieheimer Käse

The Nieheimer Cheese is a curdled milk cheese made ??from cow’s milk. The cheese is produced in the city of Nieheim, in the district Höxter / Ostwestfalen-Lippe. The oldest source regarding the production of the Nieheimer Cheese dates back to 1858. There is a long tradition of cheese in the region around Nieheim and the famous Nieheim Cheese Market every two years, with 60.000 visitors, demonstrates that the cheese is deeply rooted in the region. The cheese is prepared according to traditional recipes. It is made with low fat curd. The dry, slightly acidic curd cheese is finely milled and after a maturation of three to five days, the cheese gets processed with salt, cumin and water. The Nieheimer gets stronger and harder by and by until it is suitable for grating – hence it is also called grated cheese. Its flavor is spicy, slightly sour and of course the cheese has a noticeable cumin note.

Image: © Stefan Abtmeyer

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