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Mundu (Garcinia dulcis) is an increasingly rare fruit tree belonging to the genus Garcinia closely related to mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) and Asam Kandis (Garcinia parvifolia).
It is believed to be an Indonesian native fruit plant that only grows in Java and parts of Borneo, although it also grows in the Philippines and Thailand.
The tree is well adapted to shade and humid conditions.
Mundu fruit can be eaten directly but it is sour, the pulp is acid, soft and very juicy. It can be processed into jams, even as a misture of traditional herbal medicine due to high containt od vitamin C. It has a strong sap that can create a mild irritation on the lips, especially for those not used to it. Therefore, initially it is better to peel and wash it so that the sap of this rare fruit is washed away.
Traditionally, the wood and the fruit skin have been formerly used as a mixture of natural green color.

The younger generation does not recognize as a fruit that possesses many benefits, because the economy is not too valuable in addition to increasingly rare existence. Also, many are unaware of the culinary and health properties of the fruit, using the tree only for ornamental purposes as in the city park of Surabaya.

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