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Misket Vrachanski is an old variety of white grape from Bulgaria, one of about one hundred local varieties in the country.

The grape is conical, semi-dense, 11.6/8.4 cm long, weight 118 – 156 g. The skin is hard, greenish-yellow, with wax cover and small dots. The grapes ripen in the second half of September. It is susceptible to drought and low winter temperatures. The sugar content is 21-24 % and the acidity is 4.6-5.8 g/dm3.
The variety is suitable for the preparation of white wines and in good years it is good for high-quality dessert wines.

Misket Vrachanski has been cultivated mainly in North-Western Bulgaria and Hungary but there are plantations also in Romania and Ukraine as well.
There is a growing interest of Bulgarian wine makers to using local varieties. Planting material is produced in specialized research centres.

There is a need for education activities among wine makers to explain the added value of using local grape varieties and the responsibility to preserve plant diversity.

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