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Makh are a type of green pea that are not grown separately, but mixed with barley in the same field. After harvesting, peas are separated from the barley, dried and threshed to obtain pea flour. Pea seeds are passed down from generation to generation in Badakhshan,Tajikistan. Makh is considered one of the major crops of the high mountains. Seeds are not sold in stores, and are bought from local residents. In Badakhshan, the biggest problem for cultivation is the lack of arable land. Given that the barley and wheat are the most important crops for flour, the main cropland is allocated to them. Peas planted with barley are harvested manually after the harvest of barley. The threshing the peas is done with water mills. Pea flour is rarely sold in the general markets. For the most part, it is exhibited or sold on a very small scale. In villages, after threshing peas to obtain the flour from them, this flour is distributed among numerous relatives. You can always find the pea flour in villages Shugnan and Rushan. It is used within one season. If the pea flour is left for the next year or improperly stored, the flour gets a bitter taste. A pea soup is also brought to the market in special thermos, and it sells out very quickly.Today makh pea flour has become scarce. Peas are no longer planted in the small area that is in the Pamir. They have been replaced by other vegetables and fruits. Only in the area of the village Shugnan, where vegetables and fruits don’t grow well due to the harsh climate, are peas planted in a limited number and sold in the market.

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Production area:Shugnan and Rushan villages

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