Kisukari Sweet Banana

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The Ndizi Kisukari is a local banana variety grown near the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania.
This local variety features a green skin that, when the fruit is fully ripe, becomes bright yellow.
The Ndizi Kisukari plant has large leaves and, unlike other varieties, each bunch has a maximum of 5 bananas.
The Kisukari banana is small, and is prized for its delicate taste: the word “sukari” in Swahili means sugar.
This variety is linked to the Chagga municipality: its production is an important source of income for local growers, who gather it along with other varieties to then sell in markets.
The Kisukaru banana is often offered as a snack or as dessert for guests and children. It is a variety of sweet banana that is better eaten fresh and not turned into derivative products. Also, it contains many vitamins: A, B and C, along with calcium and phosphorus.
Currently the Kisukuru variety is being grown by fewer and fewer families in Chagga, because climate change is making it less and less productive and requiring more and more care.

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Indigenous community:Chagga people
Nominated by:Frank Ademba