Istrian Buža Olive

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Buza olive variety, which has a large number of biotypes, and is mostly grown in the olive groves of the southwestern part of Istria around Peroj and Fažana, as well as in the olive groves of the Slovenian Littoral.
The tree is very lush in growth, rustic in appearance, the canopy is dense, often growing in height with very developed and firm branches of upright growth and slightly bent.

In the region of cultivation in plantations with lush canopy, it is susceptible to the development of all aphids and the appearance of soot. Favorable planting positions are protected and warm with deep soil, but even in such circumstances it is prone to alternative fertility.

The leaf is medium in size, narrow and short, elliptical, lanceolate, sharp at the apex, olive in color with a long petiole, about 6 cm long and about 1.5 cm wide. It blooms in late May, while the fringe develops from March to early May, it is sensitive to adverse weather conditions (fog, dew and strong wind). Leccino and Pendolino pollinators are good for her, while she successfully pollinates varieties such as Moražola, Karbonaca and Rošinjolu.

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Production area:Southwestern part of Istria

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