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The Holzbirne is a pear variety typical of Lower Austria, and in the past was grown in the eastern Mostviertel foothills. Even though it is one of the more productive varieties, it has long been undervalued. Today it can only be found in the Pielachtal orchards, but even though it is more appreciated, it is in serious danger of disappearing because the remaining trees are very old.

The variety is especially suitable for producing perry, but it needs a lot of space and the right climate to survive. The fruit is ready to harvest in late September. The skin colur varies from bright yellow to dark red, depending on how ripe it is. The pears are large and rounded. The flesh is very juicy and slightly sour, but sweet overall.

The holzbirne is perfect for producing a typical Austrian liqueur and, if appropriately handled, for making perry.

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Production area:Mostviertel region