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Shira-e- Angoor

Shira-e- Angoor is an extract from grapes. The Fakhri grape, one of the best local grapes in Herat province, is preferred for its preparation. This variety is very sweet in its taste and yellow in colour. No extra material is added to Shira-e- Angoor during preparation.
It is made traditionally by communities that produce the grapes. Commonly it is produced by women in farmer families.
This product is consumed as jam, gor maast (shira-e- Angoor mixed with yoghurt). It is also used with different kinds of sweets. It is highly nutritious and energetic and gets black in colour after preparation.
This product has a high capacity of storage for more than one year at normal temperature without any specific condition.
The grapes, separated from the bunches, are ground and then filtered through a sieve. It is then boiled in a container and filtered again.
Herat province is considered the homeland of grapes in the country and it is one of the most important production regions of horticultural products.
This grape product is considered one of the traditional and native fruit products of Herat province for hundred years ago.
Shira-e- Angoor has a special place among other traditional fruit extracts. One important traditional use of Shira-e- Angor is that, on the third time of snowfall in the winter, most local communities add it to the snow and mix it well for a few minutes to become like ice cream and then eat it. They believe that it has a good effect on health, especially on the liver. Nowadays lots of artificial preserves are sold in the market whereas such nutritive and organic products could be available, but there is no awareness of it.

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