Frørups Apple

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Frørups is a traditional Danish apple variety.

It is believed to have its origins in the town of Frørups, in southern Nyborg (on the Island of Funen in Southern Denmark). The original tree was found in the Frørups garden of Clauss Rasmussen between 1860 and 1870. It is described in the essay “Dansk frugt” (Danish fruit), written by Claus Matthiesen in 1913.

The harvest starts from the first half of September. The trees have high yield but nonetheless they are little known, appreciated and diffused. Further confirming this lack of popularity, a few examples of this variety can be found in the Danish Agricultural Museum (Dansk Landbrugs Museum Gl. Estrup) in the small town of Auning, in Western Central Denmark.

This museum has a didactic organic apple orchard, in which Frørups apples, among other varieties, can be found, and also purchased by visitors.

The fruit has medium dimensions. The peel is greenish-yellow and turns into a lighter yellow with maturation. The sun-exposed sides can have some red hues.

The pulp is yellowish-white, very juicy and soft.
It has medium sweetness, low acidity and an intense aroma.
These are great table apples and can also be used in sweet and savory salads. It is also used in cider production.

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