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Dulumoco, also known as moquillo, is the fruit of the dulumoco tree (scientific name: Saurauia micayensis Kilip). Dulumoco fruit is popular among the avifauna, and the wood highly appreciated by the local people. The fruit is small and full of sweet and sticky juice, similar to honey, which makes it attractive to bees as well as humans. In the past, dulumoco trees were much more common, but due to the popularity of its wood, they have been gradually disappearing. The fruit is highly appreciated by children as well as adults, who squeeze it to extract the “honey” contained in it. The dulumoco plays an important part in the restoration of local biodiversity because of its role in sustaining the development of the local avifauna. The consumption of the fruit is almost exclusively domestic, due to low production levels following the near extinction of the trees. The dulumoco fruit is also used for the preparation of sweets and jams, especially by local grandmothers.

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