Double Crème Cheese

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Double Cream Cheese, also known as Queso Doble Crema, is a traditional Mexican cheese renowned for its smoothness and creaminess, distinguished by a higher fat content compared to other varieties. Originating from Chiapas, Mexico, where it has been crafted for over fifty years, this cheese is a soft, fresh, and crumbly delicacy with a delicate and slightly sweet flavor profile. Made from pasteurized or raw cow’s milk, its production process involves the addition of cream to increase its fat content, resulting in a distinctively smooth texture.
The cheese-making tradition in Chiapas holds significant cultural and economic importance, sustaining numerous families in the region and serving as an emblem of Chiapas’ gastronomy. Despite its recognition within the community, Double Cream Cheese is rarely found outside of its place of origin, posing challenges for its wider commercialization. The absence of a designation of origin further complicates matters, as producers debate between maintaining the traditional production process or modifying it to enhance market accessibility.
Efforts to preserve the traditional method of crafting Double Cream Cheese are essential to safeguard its unique flavor and cultural significance. Recognition and support for producers in the coastal regions of Chiapas are vital for the preservation of this cherished cheese and its associated cultural heritage.

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