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Degneæble is a typical and traditional Danish apple variety
It originates in Gedesby, on the south of the island of Falster, South Denmark.

It is said, that this apple was recovered in 1850 by a local young chaplain and fruit and fruit tree enthusiast named Wøldike. This variety is also known as Degneæble Gjedesby; Wøldike himself coined this name, convinced the apple was native to the area of Gedesby (or Gjedesby). Thanks to Wøldike’s efforts, this apple variety was spread to as far up as the region of Nibe in the north of the country.

Nowadays, however, degneæble is little diffused and known. It is a relatively low-yielding variety. A good yield requires the supply of plenty nutrients and generous thinning of the apples. Additionally, they are more productive when planted in small gardens and with ample space left in between trees.

It is characterized by medium-sweet pulp, with acidic notes and a very strong aroma; it has a slight strawberry aftertaste.
This apple has a short shelf-life, and should not be stored for very long times. It is medium-sized with a greenish-white peel with red hues; the pulp is white and with greenish or reddish tendencies. It is a great table apple.

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