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Rallado di arracacha amarilla

Rallado di arracacha is a Peruvian sweet, typical of the Department of Cajamarca, and particularly the city of Sucse. It is made by mixing cane sugar with arracacha amarilla (Arracacia xanthorrhiza), the roots of an Andean tuber. It can also be made with other varieties of tuberous roots, such as achira.
It is made to offer to guests during voyages or pilgrims to take part in patron celebrations.
Preparation involves the whole family, each of member having a specific role. The men first extract the sugar cane juice inside a special preparation area of the home called ""parada"".
Preparation starts with the collection of the tubers that are rinsed with water and the herb called mate. Once cleaned the tuberous roots are grated with a perforated metal implement. The liquid, along with the solid part, is mixed with honey and cooked on a wood fire inside a terracotta vase. Cooking takes around 4 hours and the mix must be shaken continuously to prevent burning or sticking. When ready, it is left to cool and then packaged. This is carried out by the women who fill the leaves or skin of the plane tree with the rallado. The leaves are wrapped and tied with plant string.
The rallado di arracacha is sold locally by the women, particularly in the street or markets whilst the men sell it in other cities.
The preparation method has remained unaltered over time and its production is very important for the community of Sucse. This product continues to be consumed at certain religious celebrations and can be purchased at various local markets.
It is increasingly difficult to make this sweet due to the scarcity of the arracacha.

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Production area:Distrito de Socota

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