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The cashew apple, also called a “false fruit”, develops with a swelling of the cashew fruit itself.
The communities around the Amazon use the false fruit more than the better known cashew. The cashew apple is bright red, sometimes yellow in colour; when it has completely ripened, it becomes soft, less mouth-puckering and juicy. It can be eaten as a fresh fruit, but preferably it is made into a refreshing drink, because as well as having a high fibre content, the false fruit also has an acidic, astringent taste that tickles the throat pleasantly.

Once harvested, the fruit is pressed and tree sap is added to the juice obtained, the idea being to contrast the astringency; after this, it is all filtered through a cotton or muslin (a light, loosely woven fabric) cloth, resulting in a clear, slightly golden liquid.

Thus a sweet-tasting and slightly acidic drink is obtained, to be drunk to slake thirst but also as a condiment for rice or meat. The local Amazonian communities prize its curative properties, and they use it to combat cholera or to help women in labour.

In the past few years, seeing the spread of cashews, a similar drink, produced on an industrial level, can easily be found on the market, but it is not made from the “false fruit” and it contains preservatives.

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