Brostrøm Guldreinet Apple

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Brostrøm Guldreinet is an apple old variety that is originally from Denmark, in central Jutland.

The canopy density is good. In the period of 2006-2009, Brostrøm Guldreinet got evaluated under unsprayed conditions. Brostrøm Guldreinet has no scab on the leaves, no scab problem on the apples, no fruit cancer on the branches, mildew attack on very few shoots, very few fruits with flyspeck blotches and no shoots with rosy apple aphid. The flower buds are mainly situated at both young and older branches. The color of the flower at the balloon stage is dark pink. It blossoms in the middle of the season. The flowers are large, with petals that are touching each other.

The apple is big. The shape is lat-globose and a little asymmetrical. The ground color of the apple is greenish yellow. The cover color is red. The skin is medium thick, and the fruit flesh has a yellowish color. The flesh is medium firm, with a coarse texture. The flesh also has a medium tendency to brown when cut. Brostrøm Guldreinet is mature for harvesting early (last part of August). The flesh is medium juicy with a medium sweetness, medium acidity and none or a weak aroma. The apple has only a small tendency to be easily bruised.

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