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Brøndæble is an ancient Danish apple variety. Written sources dating back to 1913 prove its existence at the time, but it is surely older than that, with origins in the 1850ies.

Brøndæble comes from the area of Præstø on the Island of Zealand (Denmark’s largest island). It is believed that this apple variety has a shared history with Lærkepæren pears, as they have the same place of origin. In the area of Vordingborg, on the Island of Zealand, Prince George worked to diffuse certain fruit varieties, among them Brøndæble.
Still nowadays, secular pairs of Brøndæble and Lærkepæren can be found.

The harvest of these apples starts in the first half of October
They are quite small, with a green skin, which can present brownish-red hues on sun-exposed sides. The pulp is firm, juicy, and has medium sweetness and acidity.

It is suited for a variety of uses in the kitchen, raw as well as cooked, and is often used in cider making.

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