Bloemeezoet Apple

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Bloemeezoet apple (Floral Sweet) is also known as Sweet Brace, Autumn Floral Sweet, Good Sweet, Florasweet.

Probably originated in the province of Gelderland, this apple is quite old (19th century). Unlike most other sweet apple varieties, the Bloemeezoet apple was not important in the northern Netherlands but was more popular in the Betuwe region and around Utrecht. The Bloemeezoet apple was used as both a culinary and a table apple. It was an especially important variety right after WWII. The growth is moderate to strong. It can eventually grow into a large tree with an attractive hanging wood form. It has a late blooming, like all sweet apples, and this makes sweet apples less susceptible to ground or night frost. The Bloemeezoet apple is self-pollinating and provides good pollen. It is fairly late-bearing but very productive. It does not have year alternation like many of the older sweet apple varieties. Plus, it is suitable for planting in sandy, clay and loamy soils. The harvest is Mid-August. The apple is small to moderately large, with a regular symmetrical shape, round or slightly broader than tall. It is greenish yellow with red stripes (sometimes purplish brown) on the exposed side. It is a good culinary apple, less interesting as an eating apple. White, soft, slightly dry flesh. It is low in sugars and in tartness, so its flavour is sweet. Is also suitable for dehydrating. It has unfortunately a short storage time: this apple can be kept from harvest until mid-December in a cool storage.

The Bloemeezoet apple does not store well since it is quite soft and it is difficult to transport. As the market for sweet apples declined, there were more than enough reasons for certain varieties to disappear and it was difficult to maintain interest in the Bloemeezoet apple. Because of its suitability as an eating apple, it was able to remain popular for a relatively long time.

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Production area:Betuwe and Utrecht areas