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Repollo de Betanzos or Betanzos cabbage (Brassica olearea L. var. Capitata) is a native variety of Galicia, traditionally grown in the región of Betanzos (A Coruña), in the lands of the Mariñas Coruñesas and Tierras del Mandeo of Spania. This plant is green in colour with a compact and smooth head, and is characterized by its tenderness and sweetness. The absence of fat and its quantity of fibre stand out. It also contains a large amount of water and some antioxidants in its composition. In the warmer summer months, there is no Betanzos cabbage, but it is normally available during the rest of the year and sowing several times a year but depending on the conditions of each garden "finca" some Galician farmers can go without for a week, but never all together. Local communities are use all parts and in all seasons of the year. It has a sweet flavor and is much appreciated for preparing Galician broth, stew, and other typical Galician recipes, until the appearance of turnip greens. Ther is a famous song about Repollo de Betanzos in Spanish:
patacas novas;
repolo de Betanzos
e mais cebolas,
e mais cebolas
e mais cebolas;
arroz con chícharos,
patacas novas

It is a recovering native variety that was lost when farmers stopped growing it from year to year and needs more protection.

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