Ashmead’s Kernel Apple

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Ashmead’s Kernel is a yellow-greenish russeted apple variety that is more than 300 years old, mostly known and appreciated for its outstandingly rich flavor, which is sharp, strong and a little bit acid, but with a very balanced sweetness.
Ashmead’s Kernels are flattish, misshapen, and small to medium in size. It ripens in late September or early October. It is a versatile apple: it can either be eaten fresh or used for cooking. It can be also added to savory salads, or be made into juices and ciders.

There is considerable disagreement about the origin of the apple and its name. It has been said to derive from a certain “Dr Ashmead” that would have discovered the Ashmead’s Kernel Apple, whereas Christine Leighton of the Gloucestershire Orchard Group suggests that the originator may have been a certain William Ashmead, attorney who then became town clerk. Other sources give different versions, but the apple has undoubtedly been found in the Gloucester area since the 18th century, and has been quite popular since.

The Ashmead’s Kernel Apple, though recognized for its great quality, is not commercially produced and can mostly found in private orchards, its homely appearance having disqualified it for industrial production.

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StateUnited Kingdom

England - Sud Ovest

Production area:Gloucester

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