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Achachairú, Garcinia humilis, is a tropical fruit native to South America, particularly Bolivia, with improved varieties cultivated for commercial purposes, such as the "Achachairú selecto." Primarily grown in the Porongo area of the Santa Cruz department in Bolivia, it is also found in regions of Peru, Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador, primarily in the Amazon rainforest.
The fruit, characterized by its golden-orange thick skin, encases a soft, white pulp offering a delightful sweet and sour flavour reminiscent of lemon, pineapple, and mandarin. Achachairú is typically harvested from December to March, with manual harvesting involving categorization based on fruit size and quality.
Cultivation of Achachairú begins with high-quality seed selection, followed by soil preparation in warm climates with good drainage and organic-rich soil. After germination, seedlings are transplanted to permanent locations, where they begin bearing fruit after 3 to 4 years. Regular pruning and organic fertilization are essential for healthy growth.
Achachairú fruit is consumed fresh or used in various culinary preparations, including juices, ice creams, jams, and desserts. Its application extends to fusion cuisine, where chefs incorporate it into sauces for fish dishes and even sushi. In traditional Bolivian medicine, the fruit peel and tree bark are utilized for their healing properties.
The cultural significance of Achachairú is celebrated annually in the Achachairú festival in Porongo, Bolivia. However, environmental threats, including climate change and wildfires, pose risks to its cultivation, highlighting the need for conservation efforts.
Achachairú production is mainly localized to Bolivia’s Santa Cruz department, with growing acceptance nationally and internationally, including cultivation efforts in Australia by companies like Achachairú. Efforts to preserve and promote Achachairú cultivation are crucial for safeguarding this tropical fruit’s cultural heritage and economic significance.

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