Akashanda Primary School Garden

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This school is located in Akashanda village, Nyarubingo parish, Bukiro sub-county, Mbarara district. It is being worked on by 343 active pupils in the school with 165 males and 178 girls. The garden was started in 2011 as demo plot for the school. With twoplots, each about 1.400 m2 and the third is about 8.000 m2. The crops grown include beans, bananas and vegetables that are obtained from the local people around them and some few seedlings bought from the shops.
A few cover crops are grown in the garden and dry mulches are used to cover the garden and to manage water during the dry season, and erosion is controlled by way of digging contours. The garden crops are protected by trees which have been grown around the garden to act as windbreakers. Banana wilting is on the rise in the garden. This challenge needs immediate attention so as to avoid the spread of disease to the rest of the garden produce. The garden produce is consumed directly by the school students and staff. When the harvest is plentiful, the surplus is sold to the nearby community.

Akashanda Village, Nyarubingo parish, Bukiro sub-county, Mbarara district

Kaawe Charles Ben

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Garden Informations

Types:School Garden
Coordinatore:Ivan Louis Kirya