Agbédoékopé Primary School Garden

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Région Maritime

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Slow Food in Togo

Togo is a West African country with a great diversity of ecosystems: tropical forest and waterfalls, savanna and the coastal zone near the capital Lomé, dominated by the port and fishing activities. The economy is based on agriculture and the export of products like cacao, coffee and cotton. Like many countries in the area, Togo is rich in agrobiodiversity but the majority of processed foods on the market are imported or industrially produced, hindering the economic development of communities and the diversity of dishes consumed. Many young people have become aware of the problem over the last few years and a number of initiatives have been started to add value to local products like chocolate in order to promote local gastronomy and raise consumer awareness, including in collaboration with chefs. Slow Food’s activities in Togo have been developing since 2014, and have been primarily focused on the school gardens project. The network has gradually strengthened in the country, and works to promote local food products thanks to a collaboration with the Organisation for Nutrition and Local Development (OADEL) and a network of young cooks.

Garden Informations

Type:School Garden
Surface in m2:450
People involved:186
Slow Food Convivium:Avé Convivium
Coordinator:Denakpo Emilie Affi