The Ark of Taste is an online catalogue that is growing day by day, gathering alerts from people who see the flavors of their childhood disappear, taking with them a piece of the culture and history of which they are a part.

Thanks to the contribution of many people, we have catalogued more than 2,500 products so far, but there is still a long way to go. So, we have set ourselves an ambitious goal: to board thousands of products on the Ark, tracking them down in every corner of the planet.
Anyone can send a nomination, regardless of their profession, age or country.

You can help too!

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“In the regions of Coonoor and Kotagiri in India, the liquid balsamic-like honey of the Apis dorsata bee is collected every year from the hives its forms on the cliffs. I nominated the multifloral honey for the Ark because if we don’t promote it in the next few years, the ancient knowledge of the Kurumba and Irula tribes risks disappearing forever.”
Samraj, 42 years old, NGO worker, India

“When I moved back to the village where my grandfather is from, in Italy, I discovered that pears we used to pick together when I was a boy – light colored and juicy – no longer existed. The trees have been neglected and abandoned and today only a dozen still exist. Now that the gogiu pear is on the Ark of Taste, I hope that others like me will try to save it!”
Claudio, 26 years old, engineer, Italy

“When we celebrate something in Kenya, in the Molo region, we eat the mushunu chicken. This breed is peculiar looking with a bald head, but its meat – boiled, roasted or fried – is delicious! I nominated the chicken for the Ark of Taste because I was worried that its flavor, so important for my community’s culture, would disappear soon. Slow Food then launched a Presidium to protect it, providing tools and organizing training and exchanges.”
Jane, 30 years old, student, Kenya

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