Presidium activities fall into four main areas:

  • Training: Training and education sessions are organized to improve the quality of the products and the sustainability of production, to refine the sensory capacities of producers, to create associations for the producers, and to help producers shift to eco-friendly packaging.
  • Promotion: The products and their place of origin are promoted by presenting them at events (like Terra Madre, Cheese and Slow Fish in Italy, but also others like Terra Madre Nordic), introducing them to chefs (through the Alliance project) and encouraging their direct sales (through buying groups or Earth Markets).
  • Communication: The products are promoted and the stories of producers and places are shared through all of the means of communication available to Slow Food and the Foundation: websites, newsletters, publications, videos, photo exhibitions, press releases, etc.
  • Network: The Presidium producers are connected to producers from other regions in their country or other parts of the world to chefs and retailers to experts like agronomists and veterinarians, and to universities, journalists, and consumers.