The name Presidio Slow Food logo graphic and the information associated with are the sole property of Slow Food Italy.

To obtain the “Presidio Slow Food” logo, the Presidium producers must sign the Presidium production protocol and united in an association (either a cooperative or consotrium that must accept the general guidelines of the proejct and approve the Presidium rules).


Joining a Presidium is open: a producer wanting to join a Presidium must make a request to the Slow Food Presidium coordinator and the producers coodinator, comitt to respecting the production protocol, the Presidium rules, join the association and, therefore, be accetped by the other members of the Presidium. A new entry into the Presidium must in any case be approved by Slow Food Italy in agreemetne with the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity.
Each Presidium has two reference figures:

• The Slow Food Presidium coordinator: this is the leader or a member of the convivium where the Presidium is found, and has a role of coordinating and liaising between the producers and the regional and national Slow Food associations. This figure is nominated by Slow Food in the region. The Presidium coordinator cannot take part in any commercial activities related to the Presidium products.


• The Producers’ coordinator: this is a producer or anther figure nominated by producers, and is the guarantor of respect of the rules and protocol of the Presidium. This figure also liaises between the producers and Slow Food and must belong to the Presidium’s association.
Producer associations can join the project through affiliation with Slow Food Italy. When it joins the Presidia project, the association undertakes to manage a register of Presidium production, recording the annual production of all members, along with any other useful information to help individual associations perform a self-check on their members.

Every year, the Slow Food national office will assign each Presidium an affiliation fee, established according to predetermined bands. In paying this fee, Presidia that have benefited from concrete support from Slow Food in the past, will be actively contributing to supporting other small-scale producers who deserve promotion and protection.


The fee bands have been established by taking into account a number of variables: economic value of the production of the Presidium product in the previous year; year the Presidium was launched; geographic area; number of producers involved in the Presidium; production technique and type of product, i.e. fresh, processed or mixed. Not all the Presidia will pay affiliation fees. Slow Food reserves the right not to ask for a contribution for the project’s management if the Presidium is very recent or is working in particularly difficult or marginal conditions.


The fee for affiliation with the Presidia project will be paid by the producers’ association, which will autonomously determine how to divide the cost between individual producers. However, the association must guarantee that the contribution requested from individual producers respects criteria of fairness, to protect producers who do not cultivate or produce for the market but simply for home consumption or as a hobby. Such producers also play a very important role in the protection of biodiversity and the environment, and traditional knowledge linked to production and/or cultivation.
Participating in the new project also means supporting the Slow Food association in its overall cultural commitment, not just in its solidarity and biodiversity-protection projects. For this reason, the individual Presidium producers are also Slow Food Italy members.


Regulations Regarding the Use of the “Presidio Slow Food”®” Brand
The brand is made up of a graphic logo and the words “Presidio Slow Food®” and must always be accompanied by the following text,(in Italian):


The Presidia are Slow Food projects that protect small-scale quality products in need of safeguarding, made using traditional practices.


All the production covered by the Presidium must use the identifying brand.
The Presidium producers are allowed to use the Presidium brand on:

• the producer’s label for the Presidium product only
• a brochure for an individual Presidium producer, but in a context in which the Presidium product is clearly identified
• a brochure or leaflet for the Presidium association
• a sticker on the packaging for the Presidium product
• posters put up in production facilities or sales points
• on the website of the producer or the Presidium association with a link to the website
• pendant attached with string to the packaging of the Presidium product only


All promotional material that uses the Presidium brand or gives information about the project must always be approved in advance by Slow Food Italy and must not contain information that could be misconstrued.


It is strictly prohibited to reproduce the Slow Food symbol (the snail) or the Slow Food or Slow Food Italy registered trademarks on any product, document or publication.


Use of the Presidium brand can only be authorized by Slow Food Italy. The official list of producers authorized to use it can be found on the website


Slow Food reserves the discretionary and unquestionable authority to revoke its permission to use the brand or to modify the means of granting it, as well as to ask the Presidia or the individual producers for solid evidence regarding their respect for the established rules. It also reserves the right to demand compensation for all damages, including to its image, caused by the lack of observance of the regulations.

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