• It is necessary to fill out a Slow Food Presidium application form (providing some general information about the production chain and a list of producers), share it with local Slow Food entities and send it to the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity.
  • If the recommendation is valid and complete, the next step involves visiting local coordinators and interested producers (to get a clear picture of the situation, identify the project’s potential and possible problems to be faced).
  • Having met and involved all the producers, it is then possible to begin working on drawing up production protocols (following the guidelines and questionnaires that the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity has made available for different product categories).
  • The name of the Slow Food Presidium itself must be established, together with producers (very important as it represents historical identity!) as well as the area of production (that is the territory of production).
  • The producers can request for the “Slow Food Presidia” brand (graphic logo and rules). Today Suisse and Italian Presidia obtained the logo. Moreover the Slow Food Presidia brand has since also come to include two products from the Global South which are regularly processed in Italy: coffee and cacao.
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