An Earth Market is not just a place to buy and sell food.

It is project built around Slow Food’s multidisciplinary idea of food: not only a source of nourishment, but our history and identity, our culture and health, our land and our future. An Earth Market also reminds us that food is a great source of pleasure that can be truly enjoyed when shared with strangers or friends, and it is a way of passing on knowledge and values.

The quality of food found in an Earth Market reflects the good, clean and fair definition conceived by Slow Food to make the important connection between good taste and social and environmental responsibility. At Earth Markets people learn how to bring together responsibility and pleasure through tasting, listening, cooking… They are a place where trust is built – trust in what we put in our mouths, in those who produce it, and in the communities we belong to.

Taste Education is a fundamental feature of all Slow Food activities and events, large or small, and educational activities are also a key feature of Earth Markets. Some markets work with schools to provide extra-curricular activities, while others organize tastings lead by producers, or culinary events led by professionals or enthusiasts: from chefs to grandmothers, the guardians of our food traditions.


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