The Slow Food Earth Markets project was born in 2004, with these objectives:

  • Give access to short supply chain products, local, seasonal, made with respect for the environment and workers’ rights;
  • Create market opportunities for small-scale producers, normally excluded from conventional commercial channels;
  • Promote the dialogue between producers and consumers;
  • To be places for the exchange of knowledge and the transmission of know-how, for the education of taste and correct nutrition, as well as for the training of aware citizens. Places where to develop a sense of community.

Today, Earth Markets are located in over 24 countries and are an expression of the places and people coming from the most diverse cultures. They have different forms (from the large city market to the small local market, from permanent to itinerant forms) but share a common vision, described in the International guidelines of the project.

The producers and craftsmen who participate in the Earth Market respect the Selection criteria that Slow Food uses for the exhibitors of its main events (Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, Cheese and Slow Fish).

Joining the Earth Markets network means committing to developing and supporting Slow Food’s projects for the protection of biodiversity, sharing the main fundraising initiatives to sustain the association’s projects (Gardens in Africa, Slow Food Presidia, Ark of Taste, etc.) and disseminating Slow Food’s campaigns.

Download here the official project documents!

International Guidelines for Earth Markets












Criteria for the selection of Earth Markets exhibitors

project guuidelines markets











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