Do you organize an Earth Market? Here is a kit of useful materials to download and to print, so you can illustrate the institutional project and communicate the Market in the best way.

Vademecum for Earth Markets

Avalaible in ITA, ENG, ES, DE, POR, FRA











Guidelines for Earth Markets

Available languages:ITAENGESPDEFRPORT  – AR

guidelines exibitors











Earth Market Exhibitor Selection Criteria

Available languages:ITAENGESPDEFRPOR – AR

project guuidelines markets











Social card downloadable (Facebook, Instagram)

social card markets 2020











Presentation in .pptx format

Available languages: ITAENGESPFRGEPO

Earth Markets project postcard

Available languages: ITAENGESPFRGEPO

Graphic files for using the trademark locally

The graphic files for using the trademark locally are available in ITA-ENG-SPA-FR-TE-PO and in different formats. Request them by writing to

Here are some examples:

Releases for Earth Markets Photos

In order to be able to publish any images of your Earth Market on Slow Food websites, it is necessary to receive permission from the authors of the photos and releases from the people portrayed (in the case of recognisable headshots).

Download here the releases for the people portrayed in >>IT, EN, DE, FR, ES
Download here the concession of use for the Slow Food photo archives ( in >> IT, EN, POR, FR, ES
Fill them in, print them out and send a scan/photo to together with your images, with the subject line “photos and releases from the Earth Market of …”.