Is it possible to add an existing market into the Earth Markets network?

Yes, it is possible. In any case it is necessary to create the Slow Food Community, fill in the dossier and the producers’ form as if it were a new market. The market can keep its name, adding it to the indication “Earth Market”. E.g.: “Slow Food/ Earth Market/ Targ Pietruszkowy”.

Can Earth Market producers use the Slow Food trademark on product labels?

No. The Slow Food Earth Market trademark can be used in communication (stands, posters, leaflets, bags, social networks) but not on product labels. The only Slow Food project that allows producers to use the snail logo on product labels and packaging is that of the Slow Food Presidia.

Is it possible to sell on the market products from distant regions?

Yes. But only occasionally and if their presence is linked to a specific project (e.g. a region hosts a Slow Food Presidia from another territory) or if they are significant for a Slow Food campaign: their presence, in these cases, serves to strengthen and make a message more tangible and effective, stimulating collective reflection.

Why decide to join the Earth Markets network?

The Earth Market highlights good, clean and fair local producers, selected and recognized by Slow Food on the basis of the quality and sustainability of their work.
Being part of it means joining an international network that brings together representatives of a truly sustainable and alternative food system. The network allows the dialogue between subjects from different areas who share similar problems, the exchange of ideas on how to improve and make markets more active and effective, the national and international visibility of producers.

Slow Food also makes its contents and educational tools available to Earth Markets on request: information, texts and videos on the main food-related topics (on biodiversity, seeds, pollinators, sustainable farming, small-scale fishing, health) and useful tools to organize educational activities.

Does the Earth Market pay an admission fee to Slow Food?

Yes, but it is not a membership fee but a self-financing system: the Earth Markets are an active community of the Slow Food network and, as such, they are committed to supporting its activities and projects. All communities (not only those of the Market) are committed to raising funds and making an annual contribution to Slow Food.
It is not necessary to pay the contribution to the start up of the Market Community, but rather it is possible to recognize it at the end of each year of activity. The suggestion is to organize fundraisers on the occasion of the events foreseen in the market calendar.

What is the time schedule for the approval of an Earth Market?

The approval timing of a market, once all the necessary documents have been collected, can vary from two weeks to one month. The path is this: the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity verifies the adherence of the Market to the Guidelines and gives a first technical confirmation; the Market Community is ratified by the designated body (regional or national associations) or by the Executive Committee of Slow Food International, which gives the final approval. These steps are managed by the Slow Food offices: whoever proposes the Market only has to take care of providing the information.

What must a producer do to participate in an Earth Market?

On the website of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity there is a page that collects information on all Earth Markets with the information of the contacts of the individual markets. It is possible to reach the contact person directly, who will evaluate the application and eventually include the new producer in the Earth Market Community.