There are many ways to get involved, whether you are a keen customer, a grower, breeder, producer… or a cook.

Keen Customers

Slow Food aims for consumers to become actively interested in the food production process, and through this engagement effectively become co-producers – individuals making informed choices that influence the production chain. Slow Food members understand that food can be produced while respecting the environment, culture and people as well as being extremely satisfying to our senses. Earth Markets are a move in this direction, bringing producers and consumers closer together. You too can help initiate a new Earth Markets or to help an existing one grow by doing your shopping there, spreading the word and organizing related activities.

Growers, Breeders and Makers…

Earth Markets are concerned with making quality products available to consumers – with concern for taste, environmental and social qualities. To ensure the standards are maintained, some rules have been defined. If you are an interested producer and would like to know more:

Click here to check if your product quality meets the standards required for Earth Markets (rules for products) 

If there aren’t any Earth Markets in your area, start talking to other producers, local producer associations and the Slow Food coordinator in your region. By working together you can create a new Earth Market.

Cook’s delight

Earth Markets are an opportunity to discover and promote products from your area, to diversify your menu according to the seasons, to develop closer relationships with producers, and to join a community working to make your region a showcase of quality regional food.

You can find new suppliers among the producers and may even like to cook with their produce at the market in workshops or demonstrations. In promoting local quality food, many Earth Markets also provide an eating area where the public can try dishes cooked by cooks using products from the market. Contact your market coordinator to offer your assistance.


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