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If you are an existing farmers’ market…

By becoming an Earth Market, you can further strengthen your network of contacts and demonstrate your commitment to your customers. Many farmers’ markets have been established with similar guidelines to the Earth Market approach, while others are quite different. Either way, if you would like to commit to our guidelines and join the network, we would love to hear from you.

Setting up a market …

… If you are an interested individual or a producer
If there aren’t any Earth Markets in your area, start talking to other producers and local producer associations about your ideas. Meet with your local Slow Food convivium, if one exists, and together approach local authorities, tourism boards and potentially supportive community groups and restaurants. By working together you can create a new Earth Market!

… If you are a Local Authority
By hosting an Earth Market in your municipality you will be
– Supporting local quality producers (which in turn will encourage others to begin similar ventures),
– Giving local residents and chefs an opportunity to buy natural, local and seasonal food,
– Enhancing or creating a new public market area,
– Invigorating local tourism,
– Promoting the culture and identity of your local region while boosting the local economy and community network.

When creating an Earth Market, start by talking to producers and try to involve as many parties as possible, so each can lend their skills and assistance to the project.

Local Authorities are expected to share the philosophy behind the project and assist with some of the practical aspects of the market such as finding a suitable venue, and assisting with bureaucratic, tax and hygiene requirements.

Contact your local Slow Food coordinator to begin discussions!


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