To support the Slow Food’s gardens in Africa, you can send us a donation by:

• bank transfer
C/A payable to The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity
Banca Sella – via Giuseppe Verdi 15, 12042 Bra (Italy)
IBAN: IT75 F 03268 46040 052878155042

• online – click here

When your donation is received, the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity will send you a receipt. Download the Garden Donation Form here to provide us with the details for this receipt.

How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Garden and How are the Resources Used

Knowledgeable and skilled people are needed to make Slow Food’s Gardens in Africa a reality, including young leaders who can motivate the local communities. The donation requested by Slow Food to support one garden (€900) is not only used to buy tools, wheelbarrows, watering cans and fencing but also to pay for the work and training of the African leaders who coordinate the communities.
A part of the donation is used for monitoring the gardens already realized, to strengthen the local network through exchanges between communities and events as well as to guarantee study grants for young people, to help them travel and meet other communities.

Mapping work on territories to safeguard and promote local biodiversity is also included.

Slow Food receives a share (usually below 20%), which is necessary to cover the costs of the technical coordination of the project (providing the garden guidelines, identifying agronomists, creating teaching materials, enabling networking of the leaders of the various countries and managing the exchange of information among the network of donors and African communities) for communication purposes and to evaluate the project’s results.

Details of the Costs

Starting a new school or community food garden
(Compensation for local collaborators; buying tools; providing training on agroecology, biodiversity and local consumption)
Maintenance of existing gardens and network strengthening
(Compensation for local collaborators; training meetings; knowledge exchanges between communities; organization of local events; participation in national and international events and educational, promotional and political initiatives; scholarships for young Africans)
Safeguarding biodiversity and work on the African Ark of Taste
(Mapping in local areas to identify indigenous plant varieties, their inclusion in the international Ark of Taste catalog and promotion through various activities: in the food gardens, with schools, with chefs etc…)
Coordination and communication
(Management of national and local garden coordinators; technical assistance from agricultural experts; distribution of educational material; communication of the project at a local and international level; analysis and evaluation of the results and impact of the project on local communities)
TOTAL 900€900€

With a donation of €900 you can adopt a garden and twin with one of the communities involved in the project. Of course, you can also donate a smaller amount.


To check the progress of the Slow Food Gardens being funded, join the official “Slow Food Gardens in Africa” Facebook group.

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