The Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance is expanding in Latin America Starting officially today in Colombia

The Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance is opening its newest chapter in Colombia, joining the large network of chefs committed to cooking and promoting products from the Slow Food Ark of Taste, Slow Food Presidia and other communities of local producers.

As of today, there are 89 products from Colombia on the Ark of Taste, and four Presidia (Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Porcelana Cacao, La Guajira Bean, Providencia Black Crab and Nariño Native Corn). The Alliance project already has hundreds of members in seventeen other countries (Albania, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Italy, Kenya, Morocco, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, Uganda, United Kingdom), making Colombia the eighteenth country to join the Alliance.

Hernán Rodriguez Nieto of the Alquimia Café y Cocina in Calarca (Quindío), states: “The Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance in Colombia is undoubtedly a new and great opportunity for the enhancement of our agri-food heritage, for the promotion of the work of peasants and breeders who bring good, clean and fair products to our tables, obtained applying agro-ecological practices with dedication and hard work. Also, thanks to their efforts, we want to show in Colombia and abroad the richness of our biodiversity and the enormous potential that it offers. We will increase the use and consumption of species and varieties less known so far, safeguarding today’s threatened and endangered species. Being part of the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance is also an invitation to be creative and to recover ancestral traditions to give rise to new expressions in our gastronomy.”

There are 18 chefs who have joined the Alliance so far in Colombia:

  • Eduardo Martínez Cañas, Mini-Mal – El Panóptico, Bogotà
  • Catalina Echavarría Alvarez, Bogotà
  • Ana Edna Antonuela Ariza Retamozo, Mini-Mal / Selva Nevada, Bogotà
  • Julian Andres Bermudez Zapata, Mercado de la Tierra: Mercado Agroecológico Campesino, Bogotà
  • Luisa Fernanda Acosta Lozano, La cocina de Luisa, Chía
  • Hernán Rodriguez Nieto, Alquimia Café y Cocina, Calarcá (Quindío)
  • Sixta Tulia Ardila Ariza, Restaurante Delicias los Ejecutivos, Pijao
  • Mauricio Javier Vengoechea Jimenez, Alma Cocina s.a.s., Barranquilla
  • Alex Fed Salgado Sanchez, Bogotà
  • Camilo Ramirez, El ciervo y el oso, Bogotà
  • Daniel    Guerrero Clua, Sucesos Gastronómicos, Bogotà
  • Jennifer Andrea Rodriguez Rojas, Mestizo – cocina de origen, El Colegio
  • Juan David Gracia Restrepo, Kottbullar – Snabb Meatballs – Primitivo, Bogotà
  • Juanita Trujillo González, La pastelería de los pasteles, Bogotà
  • Julia Roda Fornaguera, Sucesos Gastronómicos, Bogotà
  • Marcela Arango, El ciervo y el oso, Bogotà
  • Pastora Llano Riaño, La Casa de los Recuerdos, Pijao
  • Edna Margarita Arredondo Lancheros, Restaurante Palo de Agua – VIVA, Chía

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